how we help

The Let Them Be Kids Program was launched in Canada in 2006 when we identified a deep need across the country; Groups – both large and small – need assistance to secure funds and build play structures for children who may not have the availability of safe, secure places to play.

This challenge, combined with the well established fact that most positive community change is driven by the local community themselves, provided an outstanding opportunity to develop a “hands-on” learning process that would increase the capacity of local citizens to build a better future for the next generation. This process involves citizens participating in the organizing, designing and building a community-built playground or skate park. The result is a new safe and secure play and fitness opportunity as well as increased community capacity, resiliency and pride.

Once an application has been reviewed and a community has been awarded one of the three Let Them Be Kids awards, the awardees will begin a process that will change them and their community. The role of LTBK is to support and guide you in the quest to build a playground or skate park by providing the following:

LTBK “Heart-to-Heart” Award

Is specifically designed to support the creation of intergenerational community gathering space and parks that promote the interaction of the very young, families and those in their senior years. Special consideration will be given to those applicants who‛s projects include senior fitness platforms, play space for toddlers and walking elements. For an application to be considered the working/organizing committee must be composed as follows: 30% over the age of 65 and 30% under the age of 24 years old. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate the organizing committee’s age make up in practical terms and must be willing to maintain the makeup throughout the project.
Awardees will receive a 50/50 match opportunity that gives the community a dollar of equipment buying power for every fifty cents they raise, which helps to significantly cover the costs of the play structure, fitness equipment and equipment that would support the Community gathering space.

LTBK Helping Hands Awardees receive

A 50/50 match opportunity that gives the community a dollar of equipment buying power for every fifty cents they raise, which helps to significantly cover the costs of the structure and equipment for building a new playground, skate park or outdoor fitness park.

All Awardee receive:

  • A Let Them Be Kids-Coach/Mentor 
    You will be assigned an experienced LTBK volunteer to help guide you through the process as well as coach and support you along the way.
  • A Let Them Be Kids- Project Road Map 
    A simple proven road map and process that provides the community with an outline of what could be and provides the flexibility for each project to reflect the communities desires, uniqueness, and creativity, making each LTBK project distinct and specific to the community itself.
  • LTBK Design and Construction Support
    Through the support of Belair Recreation, LTBK exclusive equipment provider, all awardees will receive the comprehensive support of the Belair designers and installers who will assist in all aspects of concept and design development, project planning, logistics and the construction on the day of your community build.
  • Let Them Be Kids-Education Program 
    This series of face to face, live video and teleconference educational sessions will provide meaningful information and tangible tools to help LTBK project participants improve their community leadership skills.
  • Let Them Be Kids Marketing Kit 
    A packet of flyers, posters templates as well Radio, TV and print ads to help you build community support for your project.
  • Your Own Let Them Be Kids On-Line Web Page
    This web page tells the world of the story of your project and provides a chat forum that connects you with others in North America, giving you the benefit of sharing in each others’ ideas and insights. It also includes on line registration and other tools to help recruit, communicate with and retain volunteers.