airsoft sniper rifles canada

Buying Guide on the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2019

Playing with sniper rifles are seen in most of the popular social media sites. Airsoft sniper rifles have gained huge popularity due to its optimization for long-range engagements. These rifles are powered by spring, gas or an electric battery. To maximize the effective range, airsoft rifles shoot at high FPS. If you are looking for an airsoft sniper rifles Canada that shoots hard and precisely even at the longer distance, then the below list is all you need. Even if you are a newbie to airsoft sniper rifles or looking for airsoft rifles for your kids, this curated list will help you get what you want.


Well L96 is the best airsoft rifle in the market today. Though falling on the lower end of the price range, L96 has a well-built ABS body with a precise and powerful metal barrel. It is a replica of the L96 Artic Welfare Police Sniper, which is still in use by German and British Military. This will give you the pleasure of handling a replica of the real gun and feel the action. This airsoft sniper rifles also mimics the weight and feel of the real military gun. The body of this gun has a shiny finish and have a metal trigger unit. L96 is also the best airsoft sniper rifles Canada for beginners as it is complemented by lightweight and design, which has basics, features that are necessary for a beginner to understand before advancing to higher models. It weighs around 5.5 lbs, shoots at 430 FPS over a 170 feet range and the metal magazine can hold 25 rounds. The cheek rest and butt plates are adjustable along with a hop-up on the bottom of the body. Overall, L96 proves to be the best choice you get in Airsoft sniper rifles Canada.

airsoft sniper rifles canada

  1. AGM L96

AGM L96 rifles are the runner-up in this list of best airsoft sniper rifles Canada. These riffles are easy to put together as it has 2 piece construction. It shoots at 450 FPS over a range of 200 feet and holds 30 round magazine. The built is a replica of military sniper guns and gives you a real-life opportunity to feel the action of the military sniper guns. If you are a serious player looking for reliable and tough guns, then AGM L96 is a one to buy.

  1. WELL SR-2

With a sleek, all-black matte finish and waterproof design, Well SR-2 is a beauty. This airsoft sniper rifle has a precision metal barrel and can shoot at 475 FPS over an effective range of 200 feet. SR-2 is a combination of the assault rifle and sniper rifle. The best feature of this sniper is the comparatively smaller and lighter built which makes it stand out from the rest of the snipers in the market. In spite of weighing just 4.4 lbs, this impressive sniper shoots hard, accurately and quietly. If looks matter along with sniper quality, then SR-2 is the best bet.

airsoft sniper rifles canada


Airsoft Sniper Rifles in Canada are available in a wide range of quality, features and price tag. The above-listed rifles are best in their features and perfect for beginners and serious players.

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